When you have extra electronics at home, such as in the form of televisions, cell phones, or computers, there might come a time when you need to get rid of them. Whether they are in good working condition or not, you may decide not to sell them and instead want to throw them away. It is important that you dispose of them properly so they can be recycled instead of putting them in the regular trash. Here are some different options available to you. 

Contact Local Retailers

The first thing you can do is call up local retailers that sell similar electronic devices and appliances and see if they will pick up the items for you. Some retailers want to have these devices because they will refurbish them and re-sell them. Others simply want to make sure consumers are recycling, and have their own electronic recycling programs. Either way, it is a good idea to call local appliance stores, computer stores, or cell phone stores and ask if they offer any recycling.

Look Into Manufacturer Recycling

Not only do many retailers provide recycling programs, but the manufacturers might as well. Some manufacturers like to use the materials from old and broken electronics to make new products. This is likely what has happened if you purchase a television that says it is made with recycled materials. Find the manufacturer's phone number for the item you want to get rid of and contact them to find out if they offer a recycling program. They should provide an address where you can send the item, or might even send someone out to pick it up depending on where you are located.

Check Your Local Dump

Your local dump might have a special section reserved for electronics. You never want to throw away computers and cell phone in the regular trash, but you might be able to bring these items to the dump and pay a fee to have them recycled. You will drop them off in a designated area so the employees at the dump know the contents of these boxes or bags, and know that the items need to be recycled. There are also some waste management companies (such as Binshoot Bin Hire) that will pick up electronics you need to have recycled if you don't have a nearby dump or are not able to make it there on your own.

Make sure you take the time to recycle your electronics to help save your planet.